This course has been developed to meet the needs and expectations of:

  • Licensed private inquiry agents needing and wanting to increase their surveillance knowledge and skills;
  • People who have completed the theoretical training of investigative and surveillance techniques but have not been able to gain practical experience;

People who are considering a career as a Surveillance Investigator who want to assess their potential and work with industry professionals without committing to months of study.

Course Outline



  • All activities are supervised and guidance, as and if required is provided “at the time” as well as a comprehensive debrief at end of exercise.
  • This course is usually run as two weekends (Saturday and Sunday) with a gap of two weeks between the First and Second weekend.
  • This Professional Development course is not an ANTA accredited course but as valid formal training should be recognised for recognition for relevant formal qualifications.

You Receive:

All students receive a Statement of Attendance;

  • Students that choose to complete the Assignments and are assessed as “Professional” receive our Professional Development Course “Certificate of Advanced Surveillance Skills”;
  • A comprehensive and illustrated set of course notes;
  • A copy of “Behind the Private Eye: Surveillance Tales & Techniques’ by Chris COOPER;
  • Information and guidance from industry experts;
  • An interesting and exciting participative learning experience with a group of “like minded” people.


During the Advanced Surveillance Skills Professional Development Course, the participant will be guided so as to increase their:

  • Knowledge of relevant legal issues relating to Surveillance;
  • Understanding and appreciation of the role and purpose of surveillance in the Investigation of matters;
  • Practical street knowledge.